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Alameda County Board of Supervisors Transcript

Board of Supervisors looking towards the County Administrator to hear about the update on the audit.

Here is the transcript that happened between Supervisor Wilma Chan, County Administrator Susan Muranishi, and Supervisor Scott Haggerty at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors Budget Meeting on June 29th, 2018. After Genesis Youth Interns spoke on the mic regarding the Sheriff’s audit, Supervisor Chan asks for an update on the audit:

Chan: Before we continue, can the county administrator just give a little (update), it’s not in the budget but since it came up, on the issue of the audit.

County Administrator: As you are aware President Chan, There has been some work done through a partnership that CSAC has with Pew (Charitable Trusts) and the MacArthur Foundation to initially start with an inventory of programs within the jail that would include a cost benefit analysis as well as with the goal of using evidence based practices to make a determination about services that will be provided in the jail. While we are focusing on the jail and that’s the board’s priority, the review will also encompass our other public safety partners.

Chan: When will that contract be coming to us?

County Administrator: We will have something to your board before the recess. Initially, we will be convening internal teams to begin working from those departments, the public safety departments.

Chan: I just wanted you to know we heard the request, so we are working on it.

Haggerty: Is that gonna be going through (the) Public Protection (committee) at all?

Chan: We can send it to Public Protection.

Haggerty: As a member of Public Protection, I am a little unaware of this.

Chan: Ok we will send it to Public Protection before it comes to the board.

Haggerty:(Who has it been going to?)

Chan: It hasn't been going to any committee.

Valle: I wasn’t aware.

Haggerty: Can we please run this through Public Protection, I’m not even sure if the chair of public protection is aware of this.

Chan: At this point there have been meetings with staff from CSAC, which is where this initiative is housed, there is no cost to it, but we would be happy to bring it forward. Ok, so it will go to public protection before it comes to the board.

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