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Nathaniel Arnold: Hero

Former Genesis Vice Chair and member of the Almagamated Transit Union 192 (a Genesis Member), Nathaniel Arnold, was recognized by AC Transit for saving someone's life while driving an AC Transit bus. Nathaniel was driving across the Bay Bridge when he witnessed a hit and run accident between a car and a motorcycle. He used his bus to stop traffic on his lane behind the downed motorcyclist to protect the motorcyclist from being run over and killed. Nathaniel called the police and gave description of the hit and run driver and waited for emergency help. He called AC Transit dispatch to have a following bus to stop and pick up his passengers so his riders would not be delayed further. Yvonne Williams (President of the ATU 192 and the Alameda County Labor Council) and Josie Camacho (Executive Secretary of Alameda County Labor Council) were also present at the Board meeting to thank Nathaniel for his meritorious service. Nathaniel is shop steward of ATU 192. He is not only a great example for a Union worker, but is a stellar example of a great citizen. I also thanked Nathaniel for his dedication for his humanitarian heart for his ceaseless advocacy with Genesis for the free youth bus pass which has made such a positive impact on our youth and their families.

Congratulations and we are grateful for you, Nathaniel Arnold!

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