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Genesis Justice for People with Disabilities Update

As you may remember, Genesis has chosen to join forces with allies (like Legal Aid at Work) to support more just policies at BART. The focus of their class action suit is disability access--how the elevators/escalators are often in disrepair and unsanitary and how this prohibits access to those with mobility challenges. Currently, they are waiting for a trial date. Here is how we can help:

We need stories! If you or anyone you love has experienced barriers to accessing BART, we need to hear from you. Here are some possible scenarios...

1. Being prevented from entering or exiting BART due to an elevator/escalator in disrepair.

2. Experiencing barriers to access due to the unsanitary conditions of the elevator/escalator.

3. Having trouble with the notification system (i.e. not being clear on what the system is, not having access to a computer/smart phone, or experiencing inaccurate notifications).

4. Barriers of service due to BART staff (either not being clear on their own protocol, or being unwilling to support).

If you have any leads, please let us know!

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