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Disrupting The School To Prison Pipeline

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 Genesis Youth Leaders seek a justice system that  emphasizes fairness, rehabilitation, the  strengthening of community and the ending of  structural racism and economic injustice. We owe it  to our society to work together to create safety  together, and to invest in tools that are both  effective and fair. We strive to dismantle a system  that suspends and expels, stops and questions,  arrests, incarcerates, and even murders youth of  color with impunity. As we work together to  transform the justice system, we will emphasize  care, not fear. We will build partnerships, equity and  unity, not exclusion, hatred and division. We will  ensure youth are squarely in the middle of policy and  practice decisions to create effective and  transformative justice systems, while ending youth  incarceration entirely.



 The Genesis Disrupt the Pipeline task force is  organized around the belief that youth should be at  the center of this issue, as they are affected by these  policies more than adults and that youth should not  be incarcerated. 

 We aim to dismantle the Prison Industrial Complex  which puts profits over people by creating very  lucrative food, healthcare, labor and other systems  that directly benefit from incarceration. We believe  that the emphasis on incarceration and other  punitive measures is a direct result of a narrative  surrounding “public safety” which has been used as a  pretext to fill our prisons with non-violent offenders.  We believe that there needs to be an emphasis on  ending incarceration and building community.

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