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Many of the Genesis issues affect youth. Because of this, youth involvement is crucial. Here are many ways in which youth have been involved and can get involved. This short video was produced by our 2022 Summer Interns. Thanks to Nicole Sutton from St. Mary's College for pulling it together!

Summer 2022 Youth Interns

Another summer to include, encourage, and support our youth! We have amazing interns ranging from high school to college youth. They are motivated and engaged in working with the community, as they follow the issues within Genesis' work to disrupt the school to prison pipeline, disability justice and youth transit justice. Read below to learn more about our interns! 

Summer 2021 Youth Interns

Summer 2021 marked the pilot of Genesis' high school youth internship program. We had three young women from Pleasanton and Dublin in the tri-valley. These students are compassionate and energetically engaged with a range of Genesis issues, principal among these being Genesis' work in disrupting the school to prison pipeline by advocating for the removal of SRO police officers from Pleasanton schools. Read below to learn more about Dunya, Megha, and Vaneesha!


Since the summer of 2016, Genesis has welcomed a MICAH youth intern. MICAH stands for Mulvaney Immersion Communities for Action and Humility and is an eight week program engaging students from Saint Mary's College of California and the University of San Diego. The MICAH fellows seek to immerse themselves in social justice work to create lasting social responsibility within themselves while examining the complexities as individuals, their communities, and their world. As Genesis interns, they bring their vision and passion to the issues Genesis cares for. 


One of the first connections with St. Mary's College was during a 2018 Race in US Politics Course. This course was designed to foster social transformation of students by calling them to make structural change. Genesis students provided us with a key "youth perspective" on justice and racism. This class was one of the first intergenerational experiences.

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