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Does St Mary's College really Care?

Some students at Saint Mary’s College of California question whether or not their school practices their Lasallian Core Principles – concern for the poor, faith in the presence of God, quality education, respect for all persons, and inclusive community.

Although notorious for their National ranking rugby team and keeping the Gael Force on their feet during basketball games against rival team Gonzaga, the college is struggling to meet the needs of their students.

Reasons for Demonstration:

· SMC being called racist by outsiders after students yelled racial slurs during a basketball game

· Graffiti saying “TRUMP” was tagged on campus more than once

· SMC’s Black Student Union was attacked by eggs during an annual event

· Anonymous social media tool, Yik Yak, had comments about pushing “colored people” to leave campus, amongst pages of other racist comments

Those who attend St. Mary’s College pay over $60k a year, yet many students don’t feel comfortable stepping out of their dorm rooms. Not only is it an issue of safety, but false advertisement as well.

Is SMC respecting all persons? Does the administration promote an inclusive community? To question their most recent campaign (SMCares)…. Does SMC really care?

Serena DeTorres MICAH Intern assigned to work at Genesis site from St. Mary’s College of CA - Her internship will focus, in part, exploring ways to tackle how we as a community deal with race, racism and the divisions in our world.

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