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What is paratransit? Why is it a Human Right?

“Paratransit provides transportation for people with disabilities who are unable to use the regular, fixed route transit service that serves their region. Paratransit usually provides door-to-door service for people who call to reserve a ride” - Disability Rights Texas

The issue of paratransit service is an occurring issue that affects our families, friends, and communities. We may know a loved one who relies on para transit. As a gentle reminder, becoming disabled does not always occur at birth. One can become disabled anywhere as a child, a young adult, or an elderly. No one is exempted from the possibility of becoming physically disabled, and this includes the use of wheelchairs. This is why we must ensure that accessibility to para transit is readily available if we face a drastic change in our own mobility.

Transportation is a basic human need because it allows disabled people to access both life's necessities and the pleasures of life, as easily afforded by able-bodied peers. Not having to worry about missing doctor's appointments that affect their health and welfare, having access to educational opportunities that ensure job prospects, or attending to our families are all necessities. Equal access to public transportation serves as a reminder that disability is not a justifiable reason to exclude people from equality.

Genesis is focused on meeting with various officials to expand the paratransit dialogue, which is necessary because there are currently very little frameworks (besides the American Disabilities Act) in place to ensure accessibility. Often, the officials they meet are unaware of the importance of para transit. This influences Genesis's decision to become an advocate for their disabled peers. A recent meeting with Alameda County Supervisor David Haubert served as a reminder that the people can also enact change.

Thus, paratransit accessibility is a human right.

If you would like to support people with disabilities who want to restructure paratransit, please sign your name to this petition:


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