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Intergenerational organizing-10 things youth want adults to know

Clergy Caucus and young adults

The word "intergenerational" is often tossed around in conversations amongst adults, with little to no youth presence. According to the pew research center, millennials are increasingly religiously unaffiliated and reject religious labels. As the new generation of millennials fall into the category of the “unchurched” generation, people of faith have begun questioning their stance as a community. How will their community grow without youth?

Jodie Geddes, speaking on the importance of youth

Just this week, Genesis held it’s monthly Clergy Caucus and community leader meeting. Young adults expressed their concerns and suggestions regarding intergenerational social justice movements. In a time where many young adults are leaving the church and are forming their own communities, it is imperative to challenge and understand their perspective. We devised a list on how adults can become better allies for youth:

1. Don’t take it personally if youth are resistant

2. Know that some youth have the experience of not being heard

3. Some youth have come out of homes where they are not raised to have dialogue with adults

4. You need to meet youth where they are at

5. Build a bridge, make space, find common ground

6. Silence is a gift

7. Don’t let the space be dominated by adult voices

8. There are times when youth don’t have the answers and that is part of their journey

9. We are a new generation so be open to how we utilize social media

10. Be authentic

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