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Genesis in Solidarity with Transit Workers

As you know, the origin of Genesis started with organizing and community engagement in the public transit realm. This past year, we have devoted much of our organizing resources to stand up for those who are essential workers, especially those who are transit operators and drivers. Our membership in the Voices for Public Transportation coalition has put us shoulder to shoulder with the transit operators and drivers who have worked without ceasing during the pandemic.

When we heard about the early morning shooting at the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) maintenance yard, we were stunned and devastated for our brothers, sisters and siblings from the ATU 265 (the transit operators of the VTA) who have been fighting shoulder to shoulder with us for over a year. We do not know the names of the victims, but we have confirmed that John Courtney, an important part of the Voices for Public Transportation coalition and President of ATU 265, is physically unhurt. We offer our condolences for the loss of life that happened today, and pray for those who are suffering in the wake of those losses. We acknowledge and stand in solidarity with all transit employees, but especially those brothers and sisters who are part of ATU 265. It is not lost on any of us that public transit at the end of the day is a demonstration of human interconnectedness. We send love and care to those of you in our community today and everyday. If you would like to support the victims of this tragedy, (our San Jose ally) Working Partnerships USA and the South Bay Labor council have created a fund for victims and their families. You can support families here. Signed, Clergy and Leadership of Genesis The Rev. Ron Culmer The Rev. Scott Denman The Rev. Molly Haws Rev. Dr. Hubert Ivery Rev. Jean Jeffress

Rev. Dr. Lizbeth Klein Mary Lim-Lampe

The Rev. Andy Lobban

Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda The Rev. Jon Owens

Rev. Dr. Ray Pickett

Rev. Theresa I. Soto


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