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Genesis Welcomes New Public Service Intern

Hello everyone, I am Cesar Ledesma, and I am the newest Public Service intern to join Genesis's task force. I am a 4th-year politics major studying at Saint Mary’s College of California. I first became introduced to Genesis through my school’s community engagement program. Saint Mary’s has a very strong community engagement curriculum that promotes students becoming actively engaged with social justice organizations in their communities. The Public Service program is an extension of the Lasallian Social Action mentality that is engraved into our campus values of empowering students to become engaged, global and ethical persons. The program is designed for students to contribute service to low income and marginalized communities, while also promoting efforts of social justice and sustainability through direct action.

My past experiences with Genesis have been revolutionary and eye-opening. I could not think of a more prominent era in which community-based organizations like Genesis are as needed than ever before. Communities like the disabled and students have become reliant on organizations like Genesis to continue the strive for programs and resolutions to a societal structure that has failed them. I am proud to have the privilege of working alongside Mary and her team to create a more just and inclusive world.

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