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Fania Davis Joins the Virtual Potluck on 7/24

To conclude our blog sequence of speakers performing and/or speaking at Genesis' Virtual Potluck on July 24th at 7PM via Zoom, I would like to introduce our fifth speaker Fania Davis. Fania Davis is a leading national voice on restorative justice. She is a long-time social justice activist, civil rights trial attorney, restorative justice practitioner, writer, professor and scholar with a PhD in Indigenous Knowledge.

Coming of age in Birmingham, Alabama during the social ferment of the civil rights era, the murder of two close childhood friends in the 1963 Sunday School bombing crystallized within Davis a passionate commitment to social transformation. For the next decades, she was active in the Civil Rights, Black liberation, women's, prisoners', peace, anti-racial violence and anti-apartheid movements. Studying with indigenous healers, particularly in Africa, catalyzed Davis’ search for a healing justice, ultimately leading Davis to bring restorative justice to Oakland, California.

As founding Director of Restorative Justice of Oakland Youth (RJOY), her numerous honors include the Ubuntu award for service to humanity, the Dennis Maloney Award for excellence in Youth Restorative Justice, World Trust's Healing Justice award, the Tikkun (Repair the World) award, the Ella Baker/Septima Clark Award, the Bioneer’s Changemaker Award, the LaFarge Social Justice Award, and the Ebony POWER 100 award. She is a Woodrow Wilson fellow and the Los Angeles Times named her a New Civil Rights Leader of the 21st Century.

Davis, who resides in Oakland, California, writes and speaks internationally on restorative justice, racial justice, school-based restorative justice, restorative justice to interrupt the racialized school to prison pipeline and mass incarceration, a restorative justice-based truth and reconciliation process to transform historical harm against African-Americans, gender and restorative justice, restorative justice to promote community peace and healing and other subjects. If you would like to hear more from Davis, checkout the video below.

We are so pleased to have Fania Davis as a guest at our Virtual Potluck. She has a powerful spirit and truly hopes to bring love and peace to the world and to justice systems that have yet to practice such virtues. Davis believes in creating community and community healing and works towards practicing that in our nation and around the world.

To learn more about the event or to RSVP, visit our Facebook event page or Eventbrite directly.

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