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Not another Lenten Reflection!!

As many of you might know, I wrote a piece in Resipiscence 2019, which was a Lenten Devotional co-edited by Vahisha Hasan and Nichola Torbett (member of First Congregational Church of Oakland, a Genesis Member). Here is the podcast which is hosted and directed by Vahisha. If you are not a podcast listener--what are you waiting for? When you are sitting on traffic or taking your power walk--click and listen.

*Shout out to the people inspired my piece: Dr. Angela Davis, the "Child of God" whom I wrote about, and my 13 year old Fierce Beautiful Kind Daughter. Biggest thanks to my mom, Luisa S. Lim--kind, brave, best Lumpia maker on the planet and lover of all things animal-print. My legacy is yours.

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