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Rosa was Right



February 4, 2019 is "Rosa Parks Day" which commemorates the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott. Rosa Parks was key to beginning the 381 day boycott, as she refused to give up her seat, which was designated for Whites. Her refusal broke the law and kicked off an effort that led to the US Supreme Court ruling that discrimination on the basis of race is unconstitutional.

Genesis leaders created a campaign in 2014 called "Rosa was Right," with the emphasis that transit equity issues connect people to opportunity and therefore, are key civil rights issues. The Genesis Free Youth Bus Pass campaign proves this. The Alameda County program has expanded (year 3) to 21 middle and high schools. This year Genesis will join with a few other organizations (350 Bay Area, Sierra Club) to commemorate Rosa Parks by hosting a Transit Equity Press event.

Join us to call riders and community leaders to:

1. Thank their AC Transit Bus Driver

2. Call for more funding for Free Youth Bus Pass programs

3. Commit to finding other ways to support Transit Equity

We will meet in a location and time TBD on Monday February 4, 2019.

Contact Gayle Eads if you have questions.

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