SRO Community Forum: Do Police Officers Belong in our Schools?

The Pleasanton school resource officer program –which costs the city $475,000 annually to have two full time armed police officers in our local schools– has been operating for nearly two decades with no public SRO job description or memorandum of understanding (MOU). Considering the problematic level of officer discretion and wide latitude of issues which SROs have been used to deal with, among these mental health incidents they lack specialized response training for, Genesis has partnered with student activists in our campaign to interrupt the school to prison pipeline. Later this month on July 22 from 6-7:30 pm we will be hosting a student led forum with youth activists from Pleasanton and Dublin highschools to discuss the role of SROs in our schools and communicate our specific amendments to the MOU that we believe protect students' civil liberties to elected officials in attendance. We already have a number of confirmed elected officials in attendance as well as Genesis faith leaders and encourage more community members to register for this virtual public forum!

Zoom registration link:

Marie-Linh Baseel is the Summer 2021 MICAH Fellow working with Genesis. She is a senior at the University of San Diego.

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