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Genesis: A New Era

GENESIS of California continues its work on the Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Community Strategies for the Bay Area. Community monitoring is crucial when attempting to influence equity in the planning and implementation of both these plans, which will impact the way neighborhoods are built, transit is laid out, and the environment is impacted. We are fortunate to be able to learn and share strategy with our sister organizations who are engaged in the same work throughout California and the U.S.

As members of the Transportation Equity Network, a Gamaliel Network campaign, we are also focusing our efforts to assure the reauthorization of the Federal Transportation Bill. Primary to this platform is advocating for just distribution of a portion of highway and transportation spending to ensure that 30% of the jobs go to impacted communities and also ensure that ½% of the total budget of project dollars is allocated for training of minorities and women. In the summer of 2012, Senator Barbara Boxer of California attacked this provision in her desire for political expedience. Gamaliel of California affiliates united to expose her betrayal of this principal.